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Methylated B-Complex with Patented Quatrefolic

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ORGANIC NUFLOW VEGGIE CAPSULES! BPLEX PRO is the most advanced MTHFR formula on the market. Each capsule contains the clinically recommended dosage of 1500mcg of Quatrefolic (Patented Folate) and a highly advanced intrinsic factor that greatly improves B12 uptake in the gut (It is critical that intrinsic factor be present because most mthfr patients have absorption issues). BPLEX PRO also contains Branch Chain Amino Acids that help to detoxify the body through the methyl pathways.

The combination of Branch Chain Amino Acids that you will not find in any other MTHFR formula play a key role in detoxifying the body. These Amino Acids are critical in improving overall well being. The Intrinsic Factor that we include in our formula is beneficial to success. Recent studies have shown that roughly 85% of MTHFR patients also suffer from some form of GI disorder. Which impairs the absorption of nutrients.

Bio-Available Ingredients

B- Vitamins

  • Each capsule contains the full range of B vitamins needed by MTHFR patients

  • B1, B2, B4, B5 B6 and B7

  • Highly absorbable bio-available forms. The highest quality!


  • Plays a vital role in several cellular processes, inositol also aids the body in the metabolism of certain minerals (including calcium)

  • Known to have antioxidant activity, inositol is often touted as a natural remedy for psychological conditions like anxiety and depression

Intrinsic Factor

  • Intrinsic factor binds to B12 when it reaches the stomach following exposure to gastric juices. Bound with intrinsic factor, B12 will survive the journey through the stomach and reach the small intestine. Once there, intrinsic factor dissolves, releasing B12 to bind with another protein, transcobalamin II, for transit through the epithelial cells and into the bloodstream and on to the liver.

Branch Chain Amino Acids

  • Bplex contains a full blend of amino acids designed to help MTHFR patients detox

  • These amino acids are synergistically formulated to cleanse the body of toxins

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