Each capsule contains the clinically recommended dosage of 1500mcg of Quatrefolic (Patented Folate) and a highly advanced intrinsic factor that greatly improves B12 uptake in the gut (It is critical that intrinsic factor be present because most mthfr patients have absorption issues). BPLEX PRO also contains Branch Chain Amino Acids that help to detoxify the body through the methyl pathways.



#1 Rated MTHFR BPlex-PRO

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  • ORGANIC NUFLOW VEGGIE CAPSULES! BPLEX PRO is the most advanced MTHFR formula on the market.


    BPlex-Pro is a Methylated B complex/ patented folate blend with the necessary Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s), synergistic natural detoxifiers, and Intrinsic Factor to ensure proper nutrient uptake from the gut.


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